Ingest, Process, Distribute and Deliver.

Bridging IT and Broadcast.


Seemless workflows via efficient and optimal platforms.


IT-based Cloud, DevOps and Analytic-type services centrally developed and delivered for safe and secure Ingest, Post-Production and Workflow environments.


Aligning Applications, Enterprise Infrastructure, Broadcast, Post-Production and Analytics.


Content everywhere meet IoT.


Content…meet Centralized Workflows, Delivery and Distribution as well as Analytics and Security.


Whether it’s Virtualized, Converged, Networked, Cloud, DevOps or Lights, Camera…Action!, GIT makes IT happen.

Broadcast and Media Services


— Distribution

— Digital and Media Products

— Media Asset Management Solutions,

— Digital and Filed-based Workflows

— Centralized Ingest Solutions

— Production Workflow Analytics and Mgmt

— Converged Architectures

— Media Platform Workload Solutions

— Delivery/Installation

— Storage, Cloud Security, Disaster Recovery and Governance


BlackMagic, NewTek, LiveStream, Adobe, Avid and Grass Valley to Storage, Workflow, Cloud, Analytics and DevOps.