Cloud & DevOps

Performance. Scale. Agility.



Are you Ready for the Cloud?


What’s the current and future plan? Are you a new or fast growing nimble company or department? Big company stuck with traditional IT organization and infrastructure? Should I outsource to AWS or similar? Use for temporary project?


Use budget and resources for OpEx and flexibility?


Use the power and convenience of centralized and flexible IT services — the Cloud!ITCloudSpending


It really comes down to Performance, Cost and Agility


PERFORMANCE/RUN — How well can you predict, manage, allocate Applications, Workloads and Resources?

What Framework? Public, private, Google or Azure? In public clouds, customers are promised many things, but guaranteed application performance is not one of them. What about Backup and DR plan, for example?


COST and CLOUD-SCALE — Seems efficient and cost-effective as opposed to building and maintaining an internal IT operation, but about scale and cost?


AGILITY — Great for Developers, Applications, Software and to create and deploy more quickly.


So, what’s your strategy…Let’s discuss…you have choices…Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid, all AWS…All of the above!?


Let’s discuss and resolve what works based on hard financial data and business and IT objectives.



greenThrow-out all the traditional Business, Operation and IT barriers to quickly provision, build and breakdown flexible Environments and Applications.


Use and transition away from Traditional organizations and infrastructures and use best of breed Reference Architectures and systems as well as integrate with a parallel Cloud strategy.


DevOps is a Cultural and Psychological change of mind-set. It’s an Organizational “paradigm shift”.


Business wants continuous growth. Operations wants stability. Sales and Development seek differentiation and change. Support and Test want risk aversion. Bridge these interests into an agile and collaborative cooperation between Development, QA and Ops.


Code, Build, Test, Package, Release, Configure and Monitor.


What are the Benefits?


Organizations that employ a DevOps culture and organization are more likely to have significant benefits, including significantly shorter time-to-market, improved customer satisfaction, timely product releases/updates and improved productivity.


Plus, the ability to use vastly evolve the “POC”/Lab process for new and different solutions via a more nimble Testing environment.


Tools and Solutions


— Kubernetes

— CliQr

— Git

— Mesos

— Jenkins

— Docker

— Chef

— Puppet

— OpenSource

— Cloudera

— VMWare

— CliQr