Facilitating the Future of IT and Business!

Imagine IT as a Profit Center and Engine of Corporate Growth.


GIT focuses on developing emerging and differentiated technologies with our customers. This includes evolving traditional Platforms as part of Cloud, DevOps and Analytics initiatives.


GIT offers a portfolio of application, software, workflow and application-based solutions working with Infrastructure, Networking, Storage, Management, Monitoring, Security, Disaster Recovery, DevOps and Analytics tools.

What’s in your Network?

Enterprise Platform Solutions

Merging Traditional IT and legacy environments with emerging Technologies to streamline the organizational and technological evolution to Cloud, DevOps and Analytics environments.


Aligning Applications, Enterprise Infrastructure, Broadcast, Post and Analytics. Content everywhere meet IoT. Content…meet Big Data and Analytics. Lights, Camera…Action!

Cloud & DevOps

Throw-out all the traditional barriers in IT and quickly provision, build and breakdown flexible Environments and Applications. Leverage Cloud and DevOps to accelerate your IT performance.

Big Data & Analytics

Collect, Store, Aggregate and Analyze data from all source. Get to Predictive Analytics and know in advance the products that customer want to purchase and use.